Friends of Tyler School

Washington, DC

Neighbors of the John Tyler Elementary School on Capitol Hill, Washington DC, established the Friends of Tyler School (FOTS) in March of 1990. The mission and goal of FOTS is to provide educational and enrichment activities for children in inner city Washington, DC. The core program provides one-on-one tutoring with a volunteer tutor and mentor who promotes positive values and behaviors, provides emotional support, and helps the student to increase his/her academic skills, social skills, and self-confidence. After school and summer camp programs run by paid certified teachers and volunteers also help to reinforce these goals.


Atlanta, GA

The mission of SisterSong is to amplify and strengthen the collective voices of Indigenous women and women of color to ensure reproductive justice through securing human rights. We fight equally for the right to bear – or not to bear – a child, along with the subsequent and necessary enabling conditions to realize these rights. We implement our work within the structure of three national impact goals:

SUPPORT: To create spaces for Indigenous women and women of color to strategize on developing a national movement of women of color for reproductive justice.

MENTOR: To build the capacity of Indigenous women and women of color organizations and to increase their visibility, sustainability, effectiveness, and influence.

ADVOCATE: To lift the voices and perspectives of Indigenous women and women of color into the mainstream reproductive rights movement, into communities of color, and into public policies.

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