program development

Youth Program Development

VISTA Name: 
John Van Houdt
Program Start: 
Project Description: 

John will be helping with outreach for our teen programs. He will be building a base of volunteers and mentors within the community who can work with our teen programs. He will also help to develop new teen activities utilizing information technology and interactive media.

- Develop an active volunteer program for TINCAN’s teen programs
- Recruit business and community members as mentors in TINCAN’s technology and media programs
- Develop internships and activities in web development, e-commerce, video and game development for at risk 13-18 year olds
- Develop and help to implement a program that allows teens who master media skills to work as paid interns at TINCAN
- Help to publicize TINCAN’s teen programs in the community

Job Skills Program Development

VISTA Name: 
Jannette Peterson
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

The long range goals of the project are to provide affordable technology-based access and training to low income residents of the Downtown / Little Tokyo area and LTSC CDC’s low income housing projects; to support and help develop the community technology capacity among other API agencies; and to function as a comprehensive community technology resource for area residents.

The AmeriCorps VISTA member will be assigned to help oversee the computer job skills development program. This would include outreach activities and identifying candidates among LTSC CDC’s housing projects and the Downtown/Little Tokyo areas. He/She will also be responsible for developing the program curriculum, forming relationships with corporate partners for job placement opportunities, delivering the course training, and providing participant support during open access periods. Other responsibilities will include the training and coordination of our volunteers to assist in classroom instruction.

CTC assistance

Pangea Foundation
VISTA Name: 
Judy Siegel
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Judy’s main responsibilities were supervision of the lab, supervision of the Tech bus, grant writing, technical maintenance and marketing. When she was not able to find the answers she needed, Judy was very adept at doing research to enable her to accomplish her goals. For example, she was a member of several listservs that allowed her to bounce ideas off of others in the field.

Goal 1: Sustain current schedule of introductory classes offered in Cox Technology Lab while building stronger relationships within community and with businesses and other non-profits to build capacity

Goal 2: Program Development and Grant Writing

Goal 3: Develop plan to provide consistent technical support in lab

Project Outcome: 

Program Development:

Developed curriculum for basic computer classes for both children and adults:
•Introduction to Microsoft Word
•Introduction to Microsoft Excel
•Introduction to the Internet & Email
•Introduction to Computers

Grant Writing:

•Solely wrote and applied for Hewlett-Packard hardware grant valued at $11,000 (January 2004)—not awarded.
•Collaborated with Occupational Training Services for San Diego Foundation grant, valued at $25,000 (February 2004)—not awarded.
•In process of applying for hardware through San Diego Futures Foundation. Update of this grant was received resulting in 16 refurbished Dell computers
•Applied for IMPACTPLUS grant (March 19)—not awarded.
•Waitt Family Foundation 2660 for Grand Reopening


•Created flyers and monthly calendars for tech lab classes
•Distributed to community centers, libraries, schools, community colleges, etc.
•Handed out flyers at YMCA games
•Marketing activities on on-going basis as needed (i.e., upcoming plans for Grand Re-Opening, etc.)

Networking/Relationship Building

•Attended monthly Community Tech meetings
•Attended 3 symposiums presented by San Diego Foundation
•Participated in planning committee for Black Family Technology Awareness Week
•Established ongoing relationship with the Urban League for technical support and guidance

Technical Support

•Currently studying for A+ certification exams and working on repairing broken computers in lab
•Brought in Futures Foundation to conduct tech assessment of lab—completed.
•Working on securing donated servers for lab

Tech Bus

•Assist children in using educational software on tech bus. Bus goes out 4 times a week to local elementary schools
•Buy new software for bus as needed—researched and purchased language and math programs

Program Building

VISTA Name: 
Dirk Knoelder
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Dirk has begun to enhance the infrastructure of our Tech Goes Home Program by contacting Codman Square Health Center and looking into possible donations for new computers. He has also be working on developing a family involvement component into the curriculum.

He has started teaching a new digital photography and young men’s creative writing program, both offered weekly at the center. He will be creating resource manuals for both of these classes which will prove to be very helpful in institutionalizing these programs.

And finally, he is now taking on the responsibility of planning our new music recording program. He will be working with a sound recording student from UMASS-Lowell in order to coordinate this project.

Project Outcome: 

Due to budget cuts, Dirk has also taken on most of the responsibilities in terms of coordinating our video project. He has undergone training from our Multimeida Coordinator and will now be working with a group of teens so that they can eventually facilitate most of the project’s work.

Impact Quote: 

Approximately two weeks ago, the United Nations celebrated its annual International Day of Peace. As UTEC was invited to participate in this event (celebrated in Boston), we decided to put together a videotape of how young people define peace in their own local communities. Dirk was able to work with many young people to get this video accomplished and shown in front of all those in attendance at this event. There is some amazing footage on this tape, particularly of older gang members (ages 22-25) who speak about their own experiences of violence and how they are now working with UTEC’s Peace Team on mediation work with current gang members in Lowell. Dirk did an excellent job of putting this work together so that it would best reflect the voices of these young people.

Program and Curriculum Development

Kids Computer Workshop
VISTA Name: 
Benedict Tisa
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Objective 1: Develop a series of activities cards for computer learning
a. Identify 15 topics and start to develop content, along with instructional materials.
b. Develop 40 individual cards or lessons
c. Pilot test material on program that will train 20 tutors.
d. Modify based on experience during implementation.

Objective 2: Develop resources section for the KCW (Kids’ Computer Workshop) website
a. Develop resources that can be used by students, tutors and parents.
b. Maintain and update resource section.
c. Identify person to maintain and update the resource section of the web site as needed.

Objective 3: Develop and implement classes for seniors
a. Develop and implement course materials based on feedback from two focus groups.
b. Develop a series of five short courses geared to the needs of 20 seniors’ from the Shaw/Columbia Heights community.
c. Identify two volunteers to continue working with senior outreach.

Objective 4: Develop and implement community outreach activities in the Columbia Height-Shaw area of the District of Columbia
a. Identify at lease two potential partners to strengthen and increase programs’ capacity.
b. Working with other CTC in the Columbia Height/Shaw area, develop outreach programs in the community.

Project Outcome: 

Objective 1
This has been accomplished and has developed into a Resource for Educators section of the KCW web page. Educational topics were identified and the materials developed in both digital and print form when appropriate.

Objective 2
Resources have been developed for the following topics: Resources for Educators that covers KCW specific materials as well as a resource to other information and organization useful to teachers and students in the KCW program as well as resources for adult class that offered at the YMCA by KCW.

Objective 3
These classes have been held each Thursday; the enrolment had to be limited to 15 participants due to space requirements. Courses and class materials were developed that not only impart computer skills but also are focused on activities and resources that empower seniors to take part in community, governmental, social and health activities.

Objective 4
Two additional partners have been identified and are in the process of implementing or developing activities with KCW.

Program Building

VISTA Name: 
Daniell Krawczyk
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Daniell’s entire term was devoted to the creation, expansion, and future sustainment of the MOLLIE Project. MOLLIE (which stands for Mobile Learning Lab for Information Education) was developed through a grant from the Federal Department of Education and exists to bridge the digital divide, primarily by teaching video production in schools, drop-in centers, and neighborhood centers.

He was given the primary responsibility of getting the program off the ground, including designing the logo, acquiring the equipment, creating the protocols, giving presentations, and implementing the program in the field. These were his foremost foci for the first six months of his term. The second half of his term centered on keeping the project afloat.

Project Outcome: 

The number of schools and non profit organizations that MOLLIE was serving rose significantly throughout the early Spring, necessitating an exponential staff expansion. Though this increased the number of hours Daniell spent directly teaching video production at schools and community organizations, it also allowed him to focus his time back at the office on the following issues:
- the temporary and permanent storage of digital video,
- the development of a long-distance, high-speed, fixed-point, wireless network, and most importantly,
- the future sustainability of the program.

At the completion of his term, Daniell was hired full-term by the Media Center as the MOLLIE Technology Coordinator.

As part of the sustainability plan for the project, Daniell has recruited an Americorps VISTA volunteer (Amy McKenzie) that has filled the position he left vacant when he became full-time staff at the end of his term. He is currently serving as Amy’s direct supervisor.

Transmission Project