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Corps member Goda Trakumaite describes her Outreach Documentation Blog: “I keep a detailed record of every outreach event I do on this password protected blog accessible to the whole office. Along with some photos documenting the event and a reflection of how it went, who attended, what worked and what did not work, I upload all materials that were either used for or produced during the event. That way anyone can replicate a particular presentation while also making the changes that I might suggest making in the reflections.

Outreach Presentation Outline & Resources

Squeaky Wheel

A general outline for giving a presentation or workshop for outreach purposes created by corps member Goda Trakumaite. Also included is a list of questions for a media creation and media literacy workshop that she often gives at the end of her presentations.

"DigitalBicycle" Program Development

VISTA Name: 
Ben Sheldon
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

Ben will serve in a capacity building role related to the social network and technical infrastructure of the DigitalBicycle project. This will include some work in PHP/Drupal, working on user interface and workflow issues, assisting in the development of custom Linux installs for organizational “seeds”, and serving as a liaison with partner organizations. Writing will be a key part of Ben’s service, including documentation, training materials, and grant application materials. He may also serve as a representative of the DigitalBicycle at conferences and meetings, and may be asked to participate in presentations and panel discussions.

Project Outcome: 

Ben successfully created a content moderation module for Drupal using PHP for comments, users, and submitted content. Ben also created an Amazon Lists type module, that allowed users to create lists of things like on Amazon, and get them in an RSS feed.

Ben also did a huge amount of outreach and networking for the “DigitalBicycle” project. He spoke on the New Media Distribution panel at the B&H Photo conference in NYC and at the Beyond Broadcast Conference.

Ben also created logos and graphics for “DigitalBicycle” using inkscape.

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