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Corps member Goda Trakumaite describes her Outreach Documentation Blog: “I keep a detailed record of every outreach event I do on this password protected blog accessible to the whole office. Along with some photos documenting the event and a reflection of how it went, who attended, what worked and what did not work, I upload all materials that were either used for or produced during the event. That way anyone can replicate a particular presentation while also making the changes that I might suggest making in the reflections.

Youth Outreach

VISTA Name: 
Kevin Palmer
Program Start: 
Program End: 
Project Description: 

At the English High School Kevin Palmer helped develop the curriculum for the after school and worked in school workshops to three full days.

Project Outcome: 

Kevin increased the number of teens participating in after school to 30 and cemented our relationship with Xavier Rozas, the media teacher at the school. We have developed a new curriculum, created a prototype blog and self paced instructional web site, with project and management support for volunteers and have introduced new technologies such as Live Type, into the after school lab space.

We have also initiated a new internship program for our teens which will begin this Fall at the Schattuck Hospital and we have developed internship agreements with Harvard University and Emerson College. Our e newsletter contacts have increased by 1,000 names. Kevin completed a manual for new employees and volunteers at HOME, Inc. to help new volunteers and VISTAs to more easily integrate themselves into the programs at the media labs. Both of our VISTAs have been very dedicated and resourceful in supporting the media lab after school initiatives. They have found themselves being passionate about our mission to help teens develop creative, multidisciplinary media and education projects that foster teamwork and communication skills, community building, insight into critical issues, and ways to express those issues to others.

Friends of Trees Blog

Friends of Trees

A blog about tree planting in Portland, Oregon. Created by corps member Toshio Suzuki. Visit

Grassroots Use of Technology Conference

October 16, 2009 - October 17, 2009
Boston, MA

Have you ever wanted to get your organization online right away with a website or blog? Did you ever wonder how Facebook or Twitter can be made useful for your outreach? How about using free and easy tech tools to schedule meetings, conference online or over the telephone?
What about those “webinars” and other tools to train your members? How about using online surveys to collect feedback or make decisions? And what about working with members across several different languages?

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