Third Coast Conference

October 28, 2010 - October 30, 2010
Chicago, IL

Ready to spend two + days with hundreds of fellow producers, artists, students, and audio enthusiasts, talking shop about radio/audio storytelling on the airwaves and beyond? Ready to come together, listen to each other’s work, share ideas and expertise, and make priceless connections with future colleagues and new friends?

Thought so. This fall marks our tenth (!) anniversary, and we hope you’ll celebrate with us over the course of another radio-drenched weekend here in Chicago.

News and Inclusion: Journalism and the Politics of Diversity

March 4, 2010
Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

Announcing News and Inclusion: Journalism and the Politics of Diversity, a symposium at Stanford University, March 4, 2010, featuring scholars from Australia, Finland, Singapore, Canada, The Netherlands, England, and the United States. Focusing on the role of journalism in multicultural societies, panelists will take up the challenge posed by political theorist Iris Marion Young when she asked, “What are the norms and conditions of inclusive democratic communication under circumstances of structural inequality and cultural difference?”

Workshop - “Can News Media Survive the Internet Age? Competition, Consumer Protection, and First Amendment Perspectives.”

September 15, 2009
Washington, DC

The news industry is in transition. Newspapers have lost much of their classified advertising revenues to online services, and some question how they will weather the development of targeted behavioral and other online advertising, online news aggregators, and other factors. How cable, broadcast, and other news organizations will respond to similar challenges is under discussion. Some predict that in a few years, television and radio will find themselves in situations similar to those facing newspapers.

The CTC VISTA Project has a new name

BOSTON - The CTC VISTA Project has a new name: The Transmission Project. For 9 years the Project has amplified the use of media and technology within more than 100 non-profit organizations and through 300 members volunteering across the country. While diverse in their missions, the Project’s partners all have one thing in common: their use of media and technology to challenge social and economic inequality in communities.

Transmission Project