SWOT Analysis


A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis corps member Ericha Hager conducted at each of the stations participating in the NorCal Regional Collaborative to identify the best points of collaboration within the group. Ericha conducted individual interviews with staff members at each station (and in some cases, group discussions) and compiled a SWOT analysis focusing on the four areas of emphasis within the collaborative (production; education/youth media; fundraising; technology).

Why is technology missing from CNCS's strategic plan?

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), the federal agency that administers AmeriCorps, is readying its strategic goals for 2011-2015 [PDF]. Conspicuously absent from its goals or plan is nearly any mention of technology or media. Their proposed priorities are:

  • Economic Opportunity
  • Education
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Disaster Services
  • Healthy Futures
  • Veterans & Military Families

More on learning from mistakes

No one is immune to making mistakes.
And I have to express admiration to those who will admit it, learn from it, and make the changes necessary to respond to it.
But to make mistakes and changes at such a high level and talk about it, well, that’s like superhero stuff to me.
Take this week’s announcement from the White House:

Broadband Adoption Accelerators

I’ve been taking time to digest the The Broadband Coalition’s report on Expanding and Accelerating the Adoption & Use of Broadband Throughout the Economy. What I appreciate most about the report is the systemic approach it takes: leveraging existing community infrastructure, programs and organizations while expanding their capacity to include broadband adoption and use.

Marketing Plan and Target Market Analysis


This Marketing Plan and Target Market Analysis brings together internal and external data points analyze and strategize around funding, volunteers and service provisioning. It was developed by VISTA member Mary Chant at MicroMentor in Portland, OR.

Creating Strategic Diversity

Diversity is one of the core values that underly the Transmission Project, as well as throughout the not-for-profit world. Pulling from a different playbook, the following is from the Chief of Information for the US Navy for naval officers:

  1. Leaders who embrace diversity and differing viewpoints and seek talent that embodies a broad range of life experiences ensure naval readiness today and tomorrow.

Alliance for Nonprofit Management Annual Conference, 2009

July 15, 2009 - July 17, 2009
Palm Springs, CA

The Alliance for Nonprofit Management is holding their 2009 Annual Conference July 15 - 17. 2009 in Palm Springs California.

Delivering impact: Improving nonprofit effectiveness

Transmission Project