Featured Web Design Resources

WNY Video Miro Community Website

Squeaky Wheel

A website organized and designed by corps member Goda Trakumaite.


We would like for this site to be a showcase that fosters the work, stories, and ideas coming out of and into the region (Buffalo and Western New York). We would like every viewer to also be a producer, whether it is of more video content, comments on videos made by others, or suggestions about how this site could be improved.”

DIY Productions Website Mock-up


Website design by corps member Melissa Niiya for Little Tokyo Service Center’s initiative DIY Productions.

DIY Productions Web Mock-up

Digital Media Asset Map

Access Humboldt

An online, interactive map of Humboldt County digital media resources by corps member Sam Kaplan.

Visit the map here.

Critique Wall for Website Redesign Feedback


A Critique Wall by corps member Caitlin Flint. Employees can walk by the wall and leave feedback and critique of her redesign of Healthy City’s website by writing on a post-it note and sticking it on the appropriate page.

Web Copy and Design


Web design and copy by corps member Devon Smolca for her computer donation project ‘L@TCH’.

Visit: http://www.everyfamilyconnected.org/

Presentation to Board about Website Redesign


A presentation corps member Philip Dahl gave to PIFVA’s board of directors on their website redesign.

Citizen Press Corps Website


A website developed by corps member Brooke Brown-Saracino for her project, the Shires Media Citizen Press Corps.


Healthy City Site Audit


An informative and in-depth look at corps member Caitlin Flint’s audit of Healthy City’s website.

Transmission Project