Operation P.E.A.C.E. Boston

Boston, MA

We provide free education programs to empower low income families with at-risk youths, unemployed residents, new English speakers, and senior citizens living in Boston’s culturally diverse Fenway community.

The Fenway community is both vibrant and diverse. We empower Fenway residents to become self-sufficient by developing literacy, vocational, and social skills as responsible adults. Our youth programs focus on building study skills, computer training, mentoring, and leadership development. We offer arts, technology, and education programs that help youth develop social skills, improve academic achievement, and learn the importance of teamwork and community contribution. We also offer ESL classes for linguistically-diverse adults and provide enrichment programs for senior citizens so they remain a vital part of our community.

Community Open Access
Our state-of-the-art media center offers Community Open Access hours with a qualified instructor to teach computer training and skill development for our culturally diverse community. Whether it’s children researching the Internet for their homework, Russian and Spanish speakers using computer programs to improve their English skills, unemployed parents learning to email their resumes to prospective employers, or senior citizens getting email accounts for the first time, our Open Access hours offer something for everyone.

Mobile Film School

Austin, TX

The Mobile Film School is committed to:

media arts education to rural and underserved communities, including the juvenile justice system;
creating long-term mentoring relationships by pairing students with seasoned industry professionals and educators;
providing media educators with the tools to continue local media educational programming and production; and,
cultivating a unique appreciation of local history and culture using storytelling in film.

Kwong Kow Chinese School, Inc.

Boston, MA

KKCS currently offers Afterschool Program, Weekend Program, Summer Program, & Continuing Education Program. All of which consist of very rich Chinese Language and Chinese Culture courses while integrating some core Western education courses into the curriculum. Students range from Kindergarten through all ages.

Hyde Square Task Force, Inc.

Jamaica Plain, MA

Our mission is to develop the skills of youth and their families so that they are empowered to enhance their own lives and build a strong and vibrant urban community. All of our programs are developed by residents in response to community needs. Since its founding, the Hyde Square Task Force has developed on-going programs for youth and families that not only help them advance at school and in careers, but also help create positive relations and opportunities to take pride and action in our community.

Hyde Square Task Force youth are leaders within the organization and beyond, helping to diminish negative stereotypes of urban youth with their positive energy and dedication to improving their community. In each of our high-intensity youth teams, participants ages 14-21 receive specialized training and participate in 6-15 hours of community-building and youth development activities each week. Youth develop leadership skills through our core curriculum, while acting as instructors and role models for younger children in our elementary and middle school programs

Heads On Fire

San Diego, CA

Heads on Fire partners with social change agencies and community technology companies to provide technology access and education, primarily for youth, in underserved areas. Most of the work takes place after school and in the summer, at sites around the city.

Activities are divided into three areas:

The [i]-Team provides digital literacy instruction.

ECHOES magazine helps youth use digital technology to document stories of community interest.
This nationally distributed CD-ROM magazine contains multimedia journalism pieces as well as entertainment sections such as music and game reviews.
Working in close partnership with Christina Glavas, of Minds Wide Open, ECHOES provides training in journalism, digital photography, video editing, audio production, and interactive game design.
Participants work on Saturdays to develop their design skills and take part in a global education curriculum project. Themes such as imagery, oral histories, languages, community orientation, cultural heritage, and other international issues are used as a context for the work.
The work includes traveling to different sites to conduct interviews, as well as production and design time spent in the lab.
The ECHOES training is free and open to youth in San Diego between the ages of 14–18. There is an application process, and participants must be willing to make a ten-month commitment.

The Sunscreens series features the digital work of youth in a two-month gallery exhibit, based on an annual theme.
Each show includes a display of pieces on gallery walls, programs of audio-visual recordings, and interactive kiosks display works created for the computer and the web.
The theme for 2004 was artistic statements made either by or about young Californians who are a part of communities in distress. These included communities affected by crime, poverty, gangs, racism, health crises, refugee status, or social injustice.

Friendship House

Billings, MT

We see a future where the children of Friendship House graduate from high school, from technical school, from college, with a meaningful education and a full compliment of life skills. We see a future where our kids are getting and keeping good paying jobs with benefits and the potential for advancement. We see the people who graduate from our program owning homes, buying goods and services, starting businesses, and paying taxes. We see them being actively involved in civic and social affairs and working collectively to improve and strengthen our community and the community of Billings at large. This is what breaking the cycle of poverty looks like and that’s what we are doing.

The “digital divide” is very real in our neighborhood. In June 2004 we made a commitment to significantly strengthen the academic and technological components of our youth development program. We have invested more than $150,000 in this effort to date. Currently, only children and teens enrolled in our programs have access to our computers and related technologies. So we are constructing an addition to the building that will become a Community Technology Center (CTC) and allow us to share these resources with the entire community. When people lack access to the technology that is defining our economy and its job market and they lack the skills to use this technology, they find themselves at a distinct disadvantage. Our expanded CTC will provide education and skill building opportunities to community members of all ages and abilities in an environment supportive of learning.

Friends of Tyler School

Washington, DC

Neighbors of the John Tyler Elementary School on Capitol Hill, Washington DC, established the Friends of Tyler School (FOTS) in March of 1990. The mission and goal of FOTS is to provide educational and enrichment activities for children in inner city Washington, DC. The core program provides one-on-one tutoring with a volunteer tutor and mentor who promotes positive values and behaviors, provides emotional support, and helps the student to increase his/her academic skills, social skills, and self-confidence. After school and summer camp programs run by paid certified teachers and volunteers also help to reinforce these goals.

Excellence By Choice

Washington, DC

The mission of Excellence By Choice, Inc. is to serve children, youth and adults by providing quality programs and experiences that emphasize educational, social, vocational, cultural and economic development.

Services are offered through a network of educational and career opportunities; delivered by a skilled and dedicated staff that maintains an environment which enhances character, self-esteem and leadership; and contributes to each participant realizing their full potential.

Excellence By Choice, Inc., (EBC Inc.), is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) economic development organization in existence since 1992. Based in Washington, DC, Excellence By Choice, Inc. has a regional office in Durham, NC, with affiliate programs in other cities. EBC Inc. serves as a consultant in community development, technology, housing, job training, capacity building, and capital financing.

Through its auxiliary projects, EBC Inc. fosters the development of leadership by creating educational and career opportunities for at-risk, low income or disadvantaged citizens of urban communities and rural areas. Clients include municipalities, businesses, numerous community-based organizations and agencies, and Native Americans.

Center for Community Technology Services at the University of Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

CCTS is a nonprofit technology assistance provider sponsored by the University of Baltimore. Our mission is to help local nonprofits use technology to improve services, increase productivity, and manage resources more effectively. We enable clients to build their information technology knowledge, skills, managerial capacity, and organizational self-sufficiency.

We help nonprofits to:

Link technology planning and projects to strategic objectives and mission-based work
Determine and prioritize technology needs
Advance program outcomes using technology
Use existing technology resources more effectively
Make informed IT purchasing decisions
Encourage an internal culture of responsible technology use
Avoid costly and disruptive technology crises

Carlos Rosario International Career Center

Washington, DC

The Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School offers an array of classes integrated within award-winning adult education programs which are considered models at the national and international level.

Courses are taught by a distinguished faculty which includes forty-two educators with advanced degrees and educational training. Class options range from the basic English Literacy and life skills necessary for successful introduction to American life, to Career Level English and Professional Certificate Courses in Technology and Culinary Arts. Classes are offered in the morning, afternoon and evening to accommodate differing students’ work and family schedules.

The Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School was the first Charter awarded for adult education in the nation and is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools.

A nationally recognized, accredited and award-winning model in the field of adult education, the Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School has been successfully training and mainstreaming the diverse workforce of our nation’s capital since 1970. Guided by the visionary leadership of Founder and CEO Sonia Gutierrez, a highly qualified and dedicated team of staff and faculty provide top tier educational programs and comprehensive supportive services.

Transmission Project